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Recombinant MSH6 (DNA Mismatch Repair Protein) Antibody [MSH6/6654R]

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Purified Ab with BSA and Azide at 200ug/ml
Purified Ab with BSA and Azide at 200ug/ml
Purified Ab WITHOUT BSA and Azide at 1.0mg/ml
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Applications & Dilutions

Applications Tested Dillution Protocol Note
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
30 min at RT. Staining of formalin-fixed tissues requires heating tissue sections in 10mM Tris with 1mM EDTA, pH 9.0, for 45 min at 95°C followed by cooling at RT for 20 minutes
Western Blot (WB)


MSH6 is a mismatch repair protein which is deficient in a high proportion of patients with microsatellite instability (MSI-H). It has been suggested that the deficiencies in DNA mismatch repair protein(s) can be seen in some malignancies such as hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC) and endometrial cancer. MSH6 expressed in all proliferating cells participate in repair of base-base mismatch, that occur during DNA replication. Loss of MSH6 expression leads to an accumulation of DNA replication errors in the proliferating cells, particularly in areas of the genome with short repetitive nucleotide sequences, a phenomenon known as microsatellite instability (MSI). MSH6 always used as panel with MLH1, MSH2, PMS2, and may be useful to aid in identifying the most probable gene responsiblefor the MSI.

Product Properties & Targets

Species Reactivity
Isotype / Light Chain
IgG / Kappa
Cellular Localization
Chromosome, Nucleus
Gene Name
Positive Control
HCT116, MCF-7 or HeLa cells. Human colon carcinoma or tonsil.
Recombinant fragment (around aa 1-100) of human MSH6 protein (exact sequence is proprietary)
Alternate Names
DNA mismatch repair protein Msh6, G/T mismatch-binding protein, MutS protein homolog 6, MutS-alpha 160 kDa subunit, DNA mismatch repair protein Msh6; G/T mismatch-binding protein; GTBP; GTMBP; hMSH6; HNPCC5; HSAP; MSH6; mutS (E. coli) homolog 6; MutS alpha 160kDa subunit; MutS-alpha 160kDa subunit; p160; Sperm associated protein

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Entrez Gene ID

Additional Information

Chromosome Location
Mol. Weight of Antigen


  • Component of the post-replicative DNA mismatch repair system (MMR). Heterodimerizes with MSH2 to form MutS alpha, which binds to DNA mismatches thereby initiating DNA repair. When bound, MutS alpha bends the DNA helix and shields approximately 20 base pairs, and recognizes single base mismatches and dinucleotide insertion-deletion loops (IDL) in the DNA. After mismatch binding, forms a ternary complex with the MutL alpha heterodimer, which is thought to be responsible for directing the downstream MMR events, including strand discrimination, excision, and resynthesis. ATP binding and hydrolysis play a pivotal role in mismatch repair functions. The ATPase activity associated with MutS alpha regulates binding similar to a molecular switch: mismatched DNA provokes ADP
  • >ATP exchange, resulting in a discernible conformational transition that converts MutS alpha into a sliding clamp capable of hydrolysis-independent diffusion along the DNA backbone. This transition is crucial for mismatch repair. MutS alpha may also play a role in DNA homologous recombination repair. Recruited on chromatin in G1 and early S phase via its PWWP domain that specifically binds trimethylated 'Lys-36' of histone H3 (H3K36me3): early recruitment to chromatin to be replicated allowing a quick identification of mismatch repair to initiate the DNA mismatch repair reaction.

Key References

  • Blackwell LJ., et al. J Biol Chem. 1998 Nov 27;273(48):32055-62.
  • Iaccarino I., et al. EMBO J. 1998 May 1;17(9):2677-86.

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Storage & Stability

Antibody with azide - store at 2 to 8 °C. Antibody without azide - store at -20 to -80 °C. Antibody is stable for 24 months. Non-hazardous. No MSDS required.


This antibody is available for research use only and is not approved for use in diagnosis.

Supplied as

200ug/ml of Ab purified from Bioreactor Concentrate by Protein A/G. Prepared in 10mM PBS with 0.05% BSA & 0.05% azide. Also available WITHOUT BSA & azide at 1.0mg/ml.


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