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Primary Antibodies

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NeoBiotechnologies’ primary antibodies are the most stringently validated antibodies on the market, ensuring your research is reliable and reproducible. Investigate the human proteome with confidence.

Primary antibodies are the cornerstone of NeoBiotechnologies’ product offerings. Our primary antibodies are highly monospecific, enabling researchers and pathologists to investigate the functions, interactions, and expression patterns of these proteins.

Many of NeoBiotechnologies’ antibodies are tested on the HuProt Protein Array, containing over 21,000 full-length proteins on a slide. By using this standardized and comprehensive platform, we are able to assess antibody specificity, epitope mapping, binding affinity, reproducibility, and optimize antibody design. Our HuProt Array enables the most reliable and thorough antibody validation, ensuring the utmost confidence in the performance and suitability of our antibodies for cutting-edge research and diagnostic applications.

Decorin Antibody in Immunohistochemistry (IHC (P))

With NeoBiotechnologies’ primary antibodies, scientists can delve into various applications, such as immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), Western blotting (WB), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), and flow cytometry. These antibodies serve as powerful tools for studying disease mechanisms, identifying potential therapeutic targets, and enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

By providing an extensive collection of primary antibodies that cover much of the human proteome, NeoBiotechnologies empowers scientists, pathologists, and biomedical professionals to uncover new insights, accelerate discoveries, and ultimately contribute to improved patient care and outcomes in the fight against cancer and other diseases.


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