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Bulk Orders

Neobiotechnologies is your premier destination for high-quality antibodies tailored to meet the demands of your research. With a wealth of experience in antibody development and manufacturing, our dedicated team of experts ensures you receive unparalleled expertise and customization options for your specific project needs. At the heart of our commitment is a stringent quality control process, guaranteeing the consistency, specificity, and reproducibility of every batch.

Our production capabilities are efficient and scalable, allowing us to deliver bulk quantities without compromising quality. Whether your focus is on immunohistochemistry, Western blotting, immunofluorescence, or diagnostic kit development (lateral flow assays, ELISAs, etc.), our diverse application portfolio ensures our antibodies excel in various research areas.

Contact us today at orders@NeoBiotechnologies.com to discuss your bulk antibody requirements and discover how our commitment to excellence can advance your research. We are your trusted partner in pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration.

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We hold Exclusive rights to 10,000 recombinant and hybridoma antibody products, available for Licensing or Collaboration.