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Why work with an Antibody Manufacturer

Neobiotechnologies is your trusted partner in antibody manufacturing. As an original antibody manufacturer, we take pride in offering a host of advantages over relabelers, ensuring that your research receives the highest quality and most innovative antibodies available. Our involvement in the entire antibody development process, from antigen design to production, reflects our commitment to expertise and continuous innovation. 

At the forefront of our operations is quality control. With full control over our production processes, we guarantee stringent measures that ensure the consistency, specificity, and reproducibility of our antibodies. We offer detailed information about our antibodies’ origin, development, and performance, providing researchers with comprehensive data and peace of mind. 

Additionally, unlike relabelers, we provide researchers with the flexibility to tailor antibodies to their specific research needs. This level of customization empowers researchers conducting specialized experiments and those with unique requirements. Indeed, our commitment to innovation sets us apart. We invest in research and development, ensuring that researchers have access to the latest advancements in antibody technology. Researchers can rely on Neobiotechnologies for high-quality, reliable products that meet the unique demands of their experiments. We also provide our customers access to a direct communication channel for troubleshooting, experimental design guidance, and addressing specific concerns related to our antibodies.

Furthermore, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if our antibodies do not meet your expectations. Click here to view our catalog of primary antibodies and let Neobiotechnologies drive your research endeavors.


We hold Exclusive rights to 10,000 recombinant and hybridoma antibody products, available for Licensing or Collaboration.