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FOXL1 / Forkhead Box Protein L1 (Transcription Factor) Antibody [PCRP-FOXL1-1F8]

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Catalog Number Formulation Size Price
Purified Ab with BSA and Azide at 200ug/ml
Purified Ab with BSA and Azide at 200ug/ml
Purified Ab WITHOUT BSA and Azide at 1.0mg/ml
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Applications & Dilutions

Applications Tested Dillution Protocol Note
Flow Cytometry (Flow)
1-2ug/million cells
Immunofluorescence (IF)
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
30 min at RT. Staining of formalin-fixed tissues requires heating tissue sections in 10mM Tris with 1mM EDTA, pH 9.0, for 45 min at 95°C followed by cooling at RT for 20 minutes
Western Blot (WB)


FOXL1 is a 337 amino acid protein encoded by the mouse gene FOXL1. FOXL1 belongs to the forkhead family and contains one forkhead DNA-binding domain. The HNF3/forkhead family includes a large number of transcription factors that share a structurally related DNA binding domain. forkhead factors are known to play important roles both during development and in adults. FOXL1 is a winged helix transcriptional regulator expressed in the mesenchymal layer of developing and mature gastrointestinal tract. FOXL1-deficient mice exhibit various defects not only in the epithelial layer of the gastrointestinal tract but also in gut-associated lymphoid tissues. In the small intestine of FOXL1-deficient mice, the formation of Peyer's patches is affected, particularly in the caudal region. FOXL1 is a mesenchymal modifier of the Adenomatous Polyposis Coli (APC) gene products and plays a key role in gastrointestinal tumorigenesis.

Product Properties & Targets

Antibody Type
Species Reactivity
Isotype / Light Chain
IgG1 /
Cellular Localization
Gene Name
Positive Control
HeLa or U87 cells.Ubiquitous tissue expression.
Recombinant fragment (around aa104-258) of human FOXL1 protein (exact sequence is proprietary)
Alternate Names
Forkhead box protein I1, Forkhead-related protein FKHL10, Forkhead-related transcription factor 6, Hepatocyte nuclear factor 3 forkhead homolog 3, FKHL10; FREAC6; JFJ-3; FKH6; FKH11; Forkhead box protein L1; Forkhead related transcription factor; FREAC7

Database Links

Entrez Gene ID

Additional Information

Chromosome Location
Mol. Weight of Antigen


  • Transcriptional activator required for the development of normal hearing, sense of balance and kidney function. Required for the expression of SLC26A4/PDS, JAG1 and COCH in a subset of epithelial cells and the development of the endolymphatic system in the inner ear. Also required for the expression of SLC4A1/AE1, SLC4A9/AE4, ATP6V1B1 and the differentiation of intercalated cells in the epithelium of distal renal tubules (By similarity).

Key References

  • A toolbox of immunoprecipitation-grade monoclonal antibodies to human transcription factors.Blackshaw S, et al. Nature methods 15.5 (2018 May): 330-338.

Storage & Stability

Antibody with azide - store at 2 to 8 °C. Antibody without azide - store at -20 to -80 °C. Antibody is stable for 24 months. Non-hazardous. No MSDS required.


This antibody is available for research use only and is not approved for use in diagnosis.

Supplied as

200ug/ml of Ab purified from Bioreactor Concentrate by Protein A/G. Prepared in 10mM PBS with0.05% BSA & 0.05% azide. Also available WITHOUT BSA & azide at 1.0mg/ml.


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