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APP Antibodies


Amyloid-beta precursor protein | N-APP | Soluble APP-alpha | Soluble APP-beta | C99 | Amyloid-beta protein 42 | Amyloid-beta protein 40 | C83 | P3(42) | P3(40) | C80 | Gamma-secretase C-terminal fragment 59 | Gamma-secretase C-terminal fragment 57 | Gamma-secretase C-terminal fragment 50 | C31, ABPP, APPI, Alzheimer disease amyloid A4 protein homolog, Alzheimer disease amyloid protein, Amyloid precursor protein, Amyloid-beta (A4) precursor protein, Amyloid-beta A4 protein, Cerebral vascular amyloid peptide, PreA4, Protease nexin-II, Beta-secretase C-terminal fragment, Beta-APP42, Beta-APP40, Alpha-secretase C-terminal fragment, Amyloid intracellular domain 59, Gamma-CTF(59), Amyloid intracellular domain 57, Gamma-CTF(57), Amyloid intracellular domain 50, Gamma-CTF(50), CVAP; AAA; AICD-50; PN2; 50; Beta-APP42; AID; S-APP-alpha; 57; AD1; PN-II; Beta-APP40; 42; 40; APPI; Alzheimer disease amyloid protein; PreA4; ABETA; Amyloid intracellular domain 50; 57; 59 AICD-59; S-APP-beta; APP; AICD-57; ABPP; Protease nexin-II; Cerebral vascular amyloid peptide

Research Areas

Cardiovascular, Immunology, Neuroscience, Cytokine Signaling, Defective Intrinsic Apoptosis, Infectious Disease, Ovarian Cancer, Signal Transduction

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Showing all 5 results


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