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SDS-PAGE Antibodies

SDS-PAGE, or Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis, is a widely used analytical method to assess the purity of antibodies. All antibodies at NeoBiotechnologies undergo this analysis in order to determine the purity and quality of the antibody.

The SDS-Page technique separates proteins based on their molecular weight. In the process, antibodies are denatured with SDS, an anionic detergent, which imparts a negative charge to the proteins in proportion to their length. This uniform charge-to-mass ratio allows the proteins to be separated purely on the basis of size during electrophoresis.

The resulting bands on the gel can be analyzed to determine the purity of the antibody sample. The presence of a single band at the expected molecular weight indicates high purity, while multiple bands or smears suggest impurities or degradation products.

SDS-PAGE is crucial in quality control and research, providing a simple, yet effective way to assess antibody purity.

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