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EIF2S1 / EIF-2 alpha (EIF2A) Antibody [PCRP-EIF2S1-1C11]

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Purified Ab with BSA and Azide at 200ug/ml
Purified Ab with BSA and Azide at 200ug/ml
Purified Ab WITHOUT BSA and Azide at 1.0mg/ml
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Applications & Dilutions

Applications Tested Dillution Protocol
Flow Cytometry (Flow)
1-2ug/million cells


The initiation of protein synthesis in eukaryotic cells is regulated by interactions between protein initiation factors and RNA molecules. The eukaryotic initiation complex is composed of three subunits, designated eIF2a, eIF2band eIF2g (eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 a, band g, respectively), all of which work in concert to form a ternary complex with GTP and tRNA in the early stages of protein synthesis. eIF2a, also known as EIF2S1 or EIF2, is a 315 amino acid subunit of the eukaryotic initiation complex that functions to bind tRNA to the 40S ribosomal subunit (in a GTP-dependent manner), thereby initiating translation. In addition, the phosphorylation state of eIF2a controls the rate of tRNA translation. When eIF2a is not phosphorylated, translation occurs at a normal rate. However, upon phosphorylation by one of several kinases, eIF2a is stabilized, thus preventing the GDP/GTP exchange reaction and slowing translation.

Product Properties & Targets

Antibody Type
Species Reactivity
Research Areas
Isotype / Light Chain
IgG2a /
Cellular Localization
Cytoplasm, Stress granule
Gene Name
Positive Control
HeLa or MCF7 cells.
Recombinant full-length human EIF2S1 protein
Alternate Names
Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 subunit 1, Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 subunit alpha, Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 subunit 1 alpha 35kDa (EIF2S1); EIF-2alpha, EIF2, EIF2A

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Additional Information

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Mol. Weight of Antigen


  • Functions in the early steps of protein synthesis by forming a ternary complex with GTP and initiator tRNA (PubMed:16289705). This complex binds to a 40S ribosomal subunit, followed by mRNA binding to form a 43S pre-initiation complex (PubMed:16289705). Junction of the 60S ribosomal subunit to form the 80S initiation complex is preceded by hydrolysis of the GTP bound to eIF-2 and release of an eIF-2-GDP binary complex (PubMed:16289705). In order for eIF-2 to recycle and catalyze another round of initiation, the GDP bound to eIF-2 must exchange with GTP by way of a reaction catalyzed by eIF-2B (PubMed:16289705). EIF2S1/eIF-2-alpha is a key component of the integrated stress response (ISR), required for adaptation to various stress: phosphorylation by metabolic-stress sensing protein kinases (EIF2AK1/HRI, EIF2AK2/PKR, EIF2AK3/PERK and EIF2AK4/GCN2) in response to stress converts EIF2S1/eIF-2-alpha in a global protein synthesis inhibitor, leading to an attenuation of cap-dependent translation, while concomitantly initiating the preferential translation of ISR-specific mRNAs, such as the transcriptional activators ATF4 and QRICH1, and hence allowing ATF4- and QRICH1-mediated reprogramming (PubMed:19131336, PubMed:33384352).

Key References

  • Blackshaw S., et al. Nature methods 15.5 (2018 May): 330-338.
  • Sambucetti, L.C., et al. 1986. Science 234: 1417-1419.

Storage & Stability

Antibody with azide - store at 2 to 8 °C. Antibody without azide - store at -20 to -80 °C. Antibody is stable for 24 months. Non-hazardous. No MSDS required.


This antibody is available for research use only and is not approved for use in diagnosis.

Supplied as

200ug/ml of Ab purified from Bioreactor Concentrate by Protein A/G. Prepared in 10mM PBS with 0.05% BSA & 0.05% azide. Also available WITHOUT BSA & azide at 1.0mg/ml.


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