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RPSA Antibodies


40S ribosomal protein SA, 37 kDa laminin receptor precursor, 37/67 kDa laminin receptor, 67 kDa laminin receptor, Colon carcinoma laminin-binding protein, Laminin receptor 1, Laminin-binding protein precursor p40, Multidrug resistance-associated protein MGr1-Ag, NEM/1CHD4, Small ribosomal subunit protein uS2, 34/67kDa Laminin Receptor;37kDa Laminin Receptor precursor;37/67kDa Laminin Receptor; 37LRP;40S Ribosomal Protein SA;67kDa Laminin Receptor; 67LR;Colon Carcinoma Laminin-binding Protein; LAMBR; Laminin receptor 1;Laminin-binding Protein precursor p40; LAMR1; LBP/p40; LRP/LR; Multidrug resistance-associated protein MGr1-Ag; NEM/1CHD4; Ribosomal Protein SA (RPSA)

Research Areas

Developmental Biology, Infectious Disease

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Showing all 3 results


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