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CELA3B / ELA3B (Pancreatic Function Marker)

Human Recombinant Fragment [Clone 157 Amino Acid Residues]

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100 ug

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Purified Recombinant Protein with Azide at 100ug/ml

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100 ug


Purified Recombinant Protein with Azide at 100ug/ml

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Chymotrypsin like elastase family member 3B (CELA3B); ELA3B; Elastase IIIB; Protease E

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Flow Cyt, IF WB, Immunohistology etc.         More Details

Developing ELISA
Blocking Antibody Reaction in various Immunochemical Assays such as
Flow Cytometry
Immunofluorescence, Western Blotting
Immunohistology etc.(Use 10-fold excess of the recombinant protein than the optimized concentration of antibody)Optimal use for a specific application should be determined.


Recombinant human CELA3B fragment of 157 amino acid residues (aa82-238).

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Protein Description

Elastases form a subfamily of serine proteases that hydrolyze many proteins in addition to elastin. Humans have six elastase genes which encode the structurally similar proteins elastase 1, 2, 2A, 2B, 3A, and 3B. Unlike other elastases, elastase 3B has little elastolytic activity. Like most of the human elastases, elastase 3B is secreted from the pancreas as a zymogen and, like other serine proteases such as trypsin, chymotrypsin and kallikrein; it has a digestive function in the intestine. Elastase 3B preferentially cleaves proteins after alanine residues. Elastase 3B may also function in the intestinal transport and metabolism of cholesterol. Both elastase 3A and elastase 3B have been referred to as protease E and as elastase 1, and excretion of this protein in fecal material is frequently used as a measure of pancreatic function in clinical assays.

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100ug/ml of purified recombinant protein. Prepared in 10mM PBS with 0.05% azide.

Key References

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  •  Entrez Gene ID: 23436
  •  Gene Symbol: CELA3B
  •  SwissProt: P08861
  •  Chromosome Location: 1p36.12
  •  Unigene: 728752