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Mouse Monoclonal Antibody [Clone CB28]

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0.5 ml at 100ug/ml

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Purified Ab Conjugated to PE

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0.5 ml at 100ug/ml


Purified Ab Conjugated to PE

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SDS-PAGE Analysis Purified CD28 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (CB28). Confirmation of Integrity and Purity of Antibody.

Product Details


T-cell-specific surface glycoprotein CD28; Tp44

Positive Control

Jurkat cells. Human lymph nodes and tonsils.

Known Applications & Suggested Dilutions

Flow Cyt, IF         More Details

Flow Cytometry: 5ul per test per one million cells (or 5ul per 100ul of whole blood)
Immunofluorescence (1:50-1:100)Optimal dilution for a specific application should be determined.


Recombinant human CD28 protein

Cellular Localization

Cell surface

Species Reactivity


Host / Ig Isotype

Mouse / IgG1, kappa

Mol. Weight of Antigen

44kDa (monomer); 88kDa (dimer)

Specificity & Comments

Recognizes a glycoprotein of 44-88kDa, which is identified as CD28. It is the critical T-cell co-stimulatory receptor which provides to the cell the important second activation signal by binding CD80 and CD86 that are expressed by antigen presenting cells. Besides its co-stimulation role, CD28 functions in preventing T-cells from anergic hyporesponsive state or from undergoing premature apoptotic cell death. CD28 is also expressed on human fetal NK cells and some NK cell lines, whereas on murine NK cells the CD28 expression is much broader.

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Antibody Purified from Bioreactor Concentrate by Protein A/G and conjugated to various reporter molecules. Prepared in 10mM PBS with 0.05% BSA and 0.05% azide. Contact us if you require this Ab in a different format.

Key References

  1. Scharschmidt E, Wegener E, Heissmeyer V, Rao A, Krappmann D: Degradation of Bcl10 induced by T-cell activation negatively regulates NF-kappa B signaling. Mol Cell Biol. 2004;24(9):3860-73.
  2. Jeong SH, Qiao M, Nascimbeni M, Hu Z, Rehermann B, Murthy K, Liang TJ. Immunization with hepatitis C virus-like particles induces humoral and cellular immune responses in nonhuman primates. J Virol. 2004;78:6995-7003.


  •  Entrez Gene ID: 940
  •  Gene Symbol: CD28
  •  SwissProt: P10747
  •  Chromosome Location: 2q33.2
  •  Unigene: 591629