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ATRX / RAD54 (Alpha Thalassemia Mental Retardation)

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody [Clone 39f]

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Catalog No Formulation Size Price (USD)  
546-MSM1-P0 Purified Ab with BSA and Azide at 200ug/ml 20 ug 199.00
546-MSM1-P1 Purified Ab with BSA and Azide at 200ug/ml 100 ug 379.00
546-MSM1-P1ABX Purified Ab WITHOUT BSA and Azide at 1.0mg/ml 100 ug 399.00
Human Entrez Gene ID 546
Human SwissProt P46100
Human Unigene 533526, 653797
Human Gene Symbol ATRX
Human Chromosome Location Xq21.1
Synonyms Alpha thalassemia/mental retardation syndrome X linked homolog; ATP-dependent helicase ATRX; ATR2; ATRX; DNA-dependent ATPase and helicase; MRXHF1; RAD54; RAD54L; SFM1; SHS; Transcriptional regulator ATRX; X-linked helicase II; X-linked nuclear protein; XH2; XNP; Znf-HX
Immunogen Recombinant full-length human ATRX protein
Host / Ig Isotype Mouse / IgG1, kappa
Mol. Weight of Antigen 280kDa
Cellular Localization Nuclear
Species Reactivity Human. Others-not known.

Specificity & Comments

ATRX is a member of the Snf2 family of helicase/ATPases, which contribute to the remodeling of the nucelosome structure in an ATP-dependent manner, and facilitate the initiation of transcription and replication. Structurally, ATRX contains a PHD zinc finger motif. ATRX is regulated throughout the cell cycle where it is differentially distributed within the nucleus. During interphase, ATRX predominately associates with the nuclear matrix, while during mitosis, ATRX localizes with condensed chromatin. At the onset of M phase, phosphorylation rapidly induces this redistribution of ATRX to the short arms of human acrocentric chromosomes, where it then specifically complexes with heterochromatin protein 1 ? to mediate chromosomal segregation. Mutations in the ATRX gene correlate with a high incidence of severe X-linked form of syndromal mental retardation associated with ? thalassemia or ATRX syndrome

Known Applications & Suggested Dilutions

Immunohistology (Formalin-fixed) (1-2ug/ml for 30 minutes at RT)
(Staining of formalin-fixed tissues requires boiling tissue sections in 10mM citrate buffer, pH 6.0, for 10-20 min followed by cooling at RT for 20 minutes)
Optimal dilution for a specific application should be determined.

Positive Control

Raji, HeLa or A431 Cells. Pancreas, Adrenal, Ovary, Kidney, Prostate or Stomach.

Supplied As

200ug/ml of Ab purified from Bioreactor Concentrate by Protein A/G. Prepared in 10mM PBS with 0.05% BSA & 0.05% azide. Also available WITHOUT BSA & azide at 1.0mg/ml.

Storage and Stability

Antibody with azide - store at 2 to 8°C. Antibody without azide - store at -20 to -80°C. Antibody is stable for 24 months. Non-hazardous. No MSDS required.


This antibody is available for research use only and is not approved for use in diagnosis.


There are no warranties, expressed or implied, which extend beyond this description. Company is not liable for any personal injury or economic loss resulting from this product.

Key References

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